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The Fit Tactic

Somebody posted this video on a parenting group I’m a part of on Facebook. Don’t worry, it’s actually a cool parenting group. We support each other by posting videos like this and harshly judging each other for not breastfeeding our kids till they leave for college.

It reminded me of a story that happened a long time ago that will really embarrass my little brother so it should be documented on the internet for everybody in the world to read and enjoy.

So Cameron was clearly the last child my mother was going to have. It could be that my older brother and I completely RUINED her to how perfect and lovely children are. It could be that she really just wanted to hang on to that last “baby” but she completely spoiled Cameron ROTTEN. Like, TO THE CORE. When they went to the store she’d let him hang out in the toy aisle (that used to be okay to do without somebody calling child protective services) and before they left he’d want a toy, of course. If she said no he’d throw a fit and she’d give in and buy the toy. She liked to blame this on his ADHD but I’ve read a lot of books about how to deal with ADHD and NONE of them suggest “buy them everything they want”.

One time I took him to Longs Drugs. I was pregnant at the time so that means Cameron had to have been either 7 or 8. I let him hang out in the toy aisle because shopping with a hyperactive 7 year old is… Well, it seemed better to let him make action figures and Barbies kiss than ask me a bunch of questions about why I was buying vaginal itch cream.

And, of course, when I went to get him from the toy aisle he wanted a toy. At the time I was nineteen and pregnant and had to buy the store brand cream with change I’d dug up from the back of my car. I was totally not buying him his 4th over priced fake G-I-Joe.

The next thing I knew he was on the floor screaming and kicking and pounding and writhing around. The two other parents in the aisle quickly shot me the death glare and shuffled their children out of there before their precious crotch fruit could learn any bad habits. I guess they were leaving that up to television or something.

I looked down at Cameron and very calmly said, “I am going to go pay for my stuff now. When I’m done I’m going to the car and I’m going to leave. If you are still here when I leave, call mom and she can come get you when she gets back in town.”

And I walked away. Before I had even handed the cashier my palm full of change, he was back by my side and acting like nothing had ever happened. While he continued to use The Fit Tactic to get toys from my mom, he never again threw a fit when I had him. EVER.

Looking back, the mom in the video looks like she had much more run teaching her son the same lesson. Cassidy never threw fits in stores or restaurants. She was the most mellow kid ever. I guess at this point I’ll just have to wait till Cameron gives me some nieces or nephews. Or better yet, I’ll just demonstrate The Fit Tactic to the next girl he brings home for a family dinner. I’ll wait till right AFTER he tells the story of that one time I scared him so bad he still hasn’t recovered TWENTY YEARS LATER.

But that’s another blog post for another day.

San Jose Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon 2013

6:30AM Getting on the light rail to downtowm and the start of the race.

And he's off to the start line! 2nd half marathon!

11:50AM FINISHER! 13.1 mile. Such a badass!

Finished! #rockandroll #halfmarathon #sanjose

They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!

The other day it was late and we wanted a movie to watch so I picked Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers extended edition on Bluray. There is never enough Lord of the Rings. Not in ALL THE DAYS.

So we are watching and Aragorn asks Legolas what his elf eyes can see. And as Legolas answers that they are taking the hobbits to Isengard Ben starts to chuckle and we have a conversation that goes something like this.

(Warning: The following conversation is how it went in my head. Where there is more crazy. And pie.)

Me: What?
Ben: What?
Me: You laughed. What was so funny?
Me: What the actual fuck, Ben!?
Ben: You’ve never seen the video?
Me: I’m not sure how this is a laughing matter! They are taking the hobbits to fucking ISENGARD, BEN! ISENGARD! Where you know what’s going to happen? Saruman is going to probably torture them into telling him where the ring is and then they are going to KILL Mari and Pippen, Ben. They are going to kill Mari and then who’s going to tell Desmond that it’s not Penny’s boat!?
Ben: …
Me: …
Ben: Hand me your iPad.

And then this happened.


You’re welcome for the ear worm.

Ask & Answer!

I’m bored and all you people need to amuse me so ASK! QUESTIONS! Going to try and answer AT LEAST two a week in a video. They’ll be crappy iPhone videos but still. I’m lazy and don’t want to type so instead you all get to see my awesome mug. I promise next time to put SOMETHING on my face other than brownie crumbs. I forgot my makeup bag at home today so never put any on and wasn’t about to for a 2 minute video. HA!



Ben is pretty awesome at a lot of things. LOTS! Like, he’s very good at never EVER leaving a toilet seat up. He’s a champion cookie eater. And he’s the best dog cuddler you will EVER MEET.

But one thing he’s far above average at is driving. We joke back and forth quite often (mainly I joke) about who is a better driver but he is hands down one of the best drivers I’ve ever gotten into a car with. And I don’t just mean every day driving around town. I mean like, get him on a track and he will give you a ride like you have never had before. The times I rode with him I often hopped between THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME and OMG WE ARE GOING TOO FAST TO MAKE THAT TURN then followed that up by I AM GOING TO HURL GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR!!

Watching these videos often makes me nauseated. When you are in the car, those high speed turns, the force of the car fighting against what all the laws of nature say should not be possible… the video just doesn’t do it justice. It’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Ben hasn’t driven like that since his accident. I know he misses it. It’s in his nature.

So Monday when he sent me an email about going Karting with some of the guys from work I was like YES! GO DO THAT! Because Ben after driving fast is the best kind of Ben to be around.

Win or die.

I was totally kidding.

Kind of.

But I had no doubt that he’d come home with these:

My husband is #WINNING.

It’s a good thing too because he’s also an excellent source of heat on cold nights. I can’t imagine how much it would cost me to have to try and stay warm if he wasn’t around.

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