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Blogmas Day 3: HANS IS HOME!

Hans tore a hole in Cassidy’s window screen FOUR MONTHS ago. We spent a lot of time looking for him and once I thought I saw him run into a yard in the cul-de-sac across from us but it was 5:00AM and I wasn’t comfortable getting all up in the bushes in front of a neighbors front window at that time.

Then last night we didn’t go to a Christmas party and Ben happened to be outside and saw him streak across our driveway! He ran after him which freaking Hans out so Ben sat down and just started calling to him and Hans ran right over! Ben called me and yelled BRING CAT TREATS COME OUTSIDE NOW. Ben wasn’t able to grab him but when I threw a few treats down he walked right up to me and nuzzled into my chest. I carried him home.

When I brought him upstairs Cassidy didn’t believe me but Hans ran over to her and didn’t leave her side for the entire night. He ate and fell asleep almost instantly and has been sleeping most of the day. It’s been SO COLD outside and he’s SO skinny so I imagine the next few days are going to be spent mostly eating and sleeping on her cozy warm bed with is favorite human companion.

He’s pretty smelly so I’m about to go give him a sponge bath because I hate to traumatize him with a full real bath right now. Then I’ll flea treat him. We have him quarantined in Cassidy’s room in case he picked something up out there and I’m going to make an appointment to get him in to see the vet and get checked out.

But he’s HOME! Safe and warm and with a full belly.


Hans is home. Skinny, cuts on his face, can't get enough love from Cassidy. ??

Feeling the Bern after seeing the finger.

Also, new car decoration. #FeelTheBern

About a month ago I put this sticker on my car. I saw it when I was buying a Feel The Bern shirt and it made me laugh so I added it onto the order as an afterthought. I didn’t buy it intending to put it on my car, I was thinking that I’d stick it on my PC or iPad cover, but Ben and I both laughed about it again when I got the package so I put it on the car just to be cheeky.

The response has been mostly comical. Right after I got it Julie and I took the kids to the beach in Santa Cruz and a couple of guys behind us at a stoplight were pointing at it and cracking up. I’ve also seen two people take photos of it at stop lights.

I thought that eventually I’d get a comment or a dirty look from somebody but living in a pretty liberal area, I was starting to think that I’d never have to deal with that… Till today.

I’d been cruising down 85 in the middle lane for over 15 miles. There were no cars in the left lane for awhile and a motorcycle slowed as it passed me on the left and I could see him do a double take at the back of my car. When he got to just in front of my window he revved his motor to get my attention then flipped me off. I just went with my standard response to finding myself at the receiving end of the middle finger. I smiled as big as I could and waved as enthusiastically as possible. He shook his head, flipped me off one more time and sped away.

And I laughed hysterically then had this exchange with Ben once I got home.


I really do think it’s so funny because all he accomplished was giving me a good chuckle and making me even more happy to be Feeling The Bern! I only wish he knew how spectacularly his finger flip backfired.

Benjamin Hirsch, Spider Hunter.

blackwidow spider

Last Saturday I took a Melatonin and got into bed and then 5 minutes later Ben asked me if I wanted to watch a movie with him. Yeah, I was sound asleep in bed about 10 minutes later. Till suddenly I was awoken in the middle of the night to Ben being crazy.

Ben: So.
Me: *incoherent mumble*
Ben: There is a spider…
Ben: …in the corner of the garage by the water heater and I need to kill it.
Me: Wait, what?
Ben: I’m not going to tell you what kind of spider it is but do we have something we can spray at a spider and kill it instantly?
Ben: Anything?
Me: Brake cleaner?
Ben: Will that work?
Me: I don’t know, it kills brain cells on contact.

And then he was gone and I promptly fell back asleep because it’s not like the spider was in the house.

Then what I assume was a short time later.

Ben: It worked!
Ben: Oooookay.
Ben: …
Me: What kind of spider was it?
Ben: A HUGE black widow. One of the biggest I’ve ever seen.
Me: So, then we’ll be burning the house down tomorrow?
Ben: You should probably go back to sleep now.
Me: Yeah. Okay.

He acts like I’m the crazy person in this relationship but I’m not the one that was spider hunting in the garage in the middle of the night. Who even does that!? Crazy people, THAT’S who.

P.S. – I told Ben that I had started writing this last night at dinner so asked him why he was out in the garage that late at night hunting spiders and he swears there was a reason he was out there but could never actually remember what the reason was. CRAZY, BEN! THAT’S THE REASON.

P.S.² – I took the picture of the dead black widow above in 2010 shortly after we had moved into the house and it took me an entire year to use the downstairs bathroom again.

P.S.³ – Ben also told me last night on the way home from dinner that the spider had curled into a ball so he left it there and then the next day it was GONE. I asked him WHY IN THE HELL he would tell me that! LIE TO ME! He said that lying would be bad because it sets a bad prescient and I get that but then I told him that he’s allowed to lie about spiders. Then he got out of the car and walked over to the corner and said he thought he could see it on the ground and now I don’t know if I can trust him. *sigh*

Transition Into My Mother: 64% Complete

My mom is chronically cold. I grew up in a town where the normal summer temperature was around 110 degrees and she would wear flannel pajamas to bed. My brothers and I would sleep with windows open and fans on high and pray for the time to come when my mom would leave for work the next day so we could close the house up and turn the AC on and bask in the sweet relief of cold. Well, at least till mom got the power bill and we were all thoroughly yelled at and reminded about child birth pain and that money trees don’t exist but capital punishment does.

In the winter she’d wear her flannel pajama pants but she’d finish off the outfit by putting on the warmest pair of socks she could find and tucking the bottom of her pants into them. As a kid this horrified me but because capital punishment was a thing that existed and I was tired of hearing about child birth pain, I chose not to point this out.

Once I became an adult I started to endlessly mock her for it. 19 years of merciless shaming spewed from my mouth with her just laughing it off. Like SHE KNEW WHAT WOULD COME TO PASS.

Ben has Raynauds so he likes our bedroom to be warm at night. I have a cold dead heart and no soul so I prefer a cold bedroom for sleeping. This has been a constant back and forth for our entire relationship and apparently because Ben has an actual diagnosis from a doctor and my diagnosis came from one of the voices in my head, he generally wins this particular battle.


So imagine my surprise when the other night I found myself climbing into bed with pajama pants on. The weather here has been odd this year. Instead of the normal gradual shift to colder weather we basically skipped Fall when one day Summer turned into Winter and the entire Bay Area woke up covered in a layer of ice. LITERAL ICE.

Then Thursday night, it happened. I was getting ready for bed and our bedroom was freezing. I climbed into bed to watch some TV, forced Kumo to share some of his heat with me via Cuddle Therapy, burrito’d myself into the covers… I tried everything and I could just not get warm. So after I had gotten up to do all the boring Pre Bed Preperations I grabbed a pair of socks to try and add an extra layer of insulation to my freezing body.

And tucked my pants into them.

I sat on the side of my bed and hung my head in shame as I realized that I’d have to eventually tell my mother because I have a stupid asshole guilty conscious. Assuming she doesn’t read this post we’ll probably be having a nice dinner somewhere one evening and I’ll make fun of her for something and she’ll make Mom Face at me and I’ll end up screaming across the table of a busy restaurant, “I’M A SOCK TUCKER! I TUCK MY PANTS INTO MY SOCKS OKAY! I SAID IT! THERE! STOP MAKING THAT FACE AT ME I’M SORRY!”

Hello. My name is Anna Hirsch, I am a sock tucker.

Transition Into My Mother: 64% complete

Bullet Journal Beginner

Oh hey look! It’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I’ve attempted to complete the entire month of posting but don’t think I’ve every actually pulled it off. I think two weeks was my best attempt. [Yoda]But try, I shall![/Yoda]

Let’s see.


Oh! I started a bullet journal and I really love it so far. I’d been wanting to try it for quite some time but all the beautifully designed and maintained pictures I was seeing on Pinterest and Instagram were making me feel completely overwhelmed. Finally I decided to just go ahead and order a Leuchtturm 1917 in pink and a few washi tapes and see how it goes. SO GLAD I started because it has kept me SO much more organized and I realized right away that I was spending far too much time planning for Cassidy and Ben while not really doing anything for MYSELF.

What I love about bullet journaling is that it flows with my naturally scattered thought process, it is INIFINITLY customaziable and can be done for CHEAP. All you really need is a book and a pen. Of course, I like to make mine pretty with highlighters and washi but so far I have less than $40 into all of it. I looked into other popular planners like the Erin Condren but could just NOT get over the initial cost investment! Plus all the add-ons! And it’s so BIG. I wanted something I could fit into most of my purses for on the go planning.

I’m using Miss Zoot’s monthly printable calendars which are perfectly sized. I was originally then doing two days to a page but I’ve decided to use one day per page going forward starting in November so I can add to the page as the day progresses.

So yeah! If you want to learn more about bullet journaling I highly suggest starting here then looking at Pinterest and Instagram for more inspiration and ideas.

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