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Not at all Wordless Wednesday

Quiet Wednesday night. Ben isn’t home yet, Cassidy is at practice and the dogs are finally tired after I took them on a 1.6 mile run. So I’m sitting at the table eating dinner (spaghetti squash with chicken and spicy marinara sauce) while watching Grey’s Anatomy and planning tomorrow.

I can’t make all of these exciting, people. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down since I got off work and I’m once again typing this out from my phone.

NaBloPoMo is a demanding little bitch. I have to say though that it feels GOOD to be here every day again. Inspiring. I missed it.

And now I’m off to cross more items off the list. Trying to get my house at least half way put together before my dad and step-mom get here Friday. Months of home improvement projects have it looking the opposite of inviting. We still don’t have couches! But we have weekend company coming! I’m not letting it stress me though because I’m just so very excited to have them here for the weekend. Couches don’t matter.

Ranty Friday.

So I’m feeling a bit better. Man, I read through those last few blog posts and kind of wanted to punch past me in the face. Seriously, people. I am not somebody that you want to spend a lot of time around at That Time™. Or I am if you like to punch people in the face. You know, if that’s your thing.

Apparently the kids at Penn State were all experiencing That Time™ too because that is the only thing that can explain rioting when a jackass like Paterno gets fired. It’s maddening, actually. When I heard this was going on, it made me sad for the World that these kids with their selfish, ridiculous decision making skills are the future.

Students chanted “one more game” – asking that the university to allow him to at least coach in the final home game of the season, at home to Nebraska Saturday, so fans could pay tribute to what he has accomplished. (Source: article)

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? This man did NOTHING when he realized that his long time friend and coworker was molesting minors and you are going to PROTEST because he was FIRED? He should have been fired AND arrested the minute this story became public and it SICKENS me that there is a group of people rallying behind this man.

Not that I really EVER think that protesting is okay. We live near Oakland, Land of the Idiot Protesters, where it seems like the normal response to hurt feelings is to loot and generally fuck up your local community. I’ve never understood how that’s an appropriate response:

I am mad that somebody hurt my community (like the recent verdict in the Oscar Grant trial) so instead of finding a way to BOOST the moral in my community, I’m going to light my neighbor’s car on fire, steal from the local business owners and beat up the police that are just trying to protect me.


Of course, I don’t think that ignorant tweets like this one from Ashton Kutcher helped the situation at all:

“How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste”

Good article about the tweet and the backlash here. And an interesting follow up where his assistant basically makes a complete ass out of both of them here.

For the record, I’ve NEVER been a fan of how Ashton has basically deemed himself the King of Twitter. I’m sorry, and this will sound incredibly elitist, BECAUSE IT IS, but I (and most of my online friends) were on twitter for an entire two years before that jackass figured out it even existed. And honestly? It was better off BEFORE he did. I liked it when my stream was full of my favorite geeks talking about my favorite geeky things and nobody else “got it”.

HE didn’t make twitter big. Twitter made HIM big. Without it, he would not have the media reach he has today and actually, today he has a bit less of a reach. I unfollowed him after that tweet. Not just because of the tweet itself which was bad enough but because after he realized the enormous mistake he’d made, he blogged that he was going to turn his feed over to his “team” and I’m sorry, but that’s an incredibly coward move. Apologize for the mistake, take the backlash like a man and then move on. Running away and letting your peons handle your feed for you because you can’t take people not agreeing with your asinine opinion means you are probably too sensitive to be putting yourself out there like that online anyway.

The internet isn’t a place for people that don’t have the backbone to deal with people that disagree with you. If it was, I’d have been chased away years ago. And one thing that you should NEVER do is beg for followers (which he did OFTEN to have the biggest follower count) then turn around and abandon your “brand”. Apparently he doesn’t have this internet thing as figured out as he thought he did.

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