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25 New Get To Know Me Tag

I recorded a Get To Know Me tag video because I had a bunch of stuff to do the other and needed a distraction so I didn’t have to feel bad for not doing those things. My camera died at one point and I lost half a question but you got the most important part which is me reminding Ben that I’m always right. The zit on my chin is names Alfred. He’s awesome. Someday I’ll actually put makeup on before a video. Not this day though!

Blogmas Day 1. Questions and Answers with Cassidy.

I’ve decided to attempt Blogmas. ATTEMPT. I’ll probably fail but I like to set my standards low so that I’m not disappointed in myself later. The last few months I’ve written around 2 posts a month and I’ve already met that goal so basically I’ve already won December.

My friend Trini posted this questions meme on Facebook the other day and it was fun to read her daughter’s answers. Because I didn’t want to have to type all the answers out I just made Cassidy sit down and make a video with me. Because I’m lazy. And also, you can see our real interactions.

It’s Monday.

I’m here! I’m posting! From my phone! But still!

Monday is my busiest day of the week. It’s Get Shit Done Day and normally I don’t stop getting that shit done till I fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day. Work, dropping and picking Cassidy up from practice, grocery shopping (Costco, Safeway and sometimes the Vitamin Store) and menu planning for the week, it’s my day to walk the dogs, cook dinner, finish laundry, then whatever other crap I have going on (today was taking the Halloween decorations down). It’s just rough. And today I did it with a massive headache and while trying to spend some time with Ben who’s having a really bad allergic reaction to something we can’t figure out so the poor guy is itchy and miserable and I just want to hug him but I can’t because that just makes it worse.


So anyway, I did it! Day 2 of NaBloPoMo! BAM! And now I’m off to cuddle doggies and bullet journal my Tuesday!

Confessions of a Blogger

1: When did you start your blog?
According to my archive page, I started blogging on March 22nd, 2003. Aflux was not my first site and I transferred all of my posts from my first personal domain here. I used other platforms before that but I’m going to go with that as my official start date.

2: Have you had anyone online presence before? Another blog, YouTube etc?
I started blogging two years before YouTube was even a thing that existed. I used sites like geocities and stuff but as soon as buying personal domains caught on I jumped on that bandwagon and never looked back.

3: Why did you start your blog?
Originally I started because I wanted a way to document my life. I was just getting over my divorce being finalized, starting a brand new relationship, was a single mom. I had a lot going on and I saw blogging as a way for a really niche community of girls I loved to connect and support each other. This was LONG before blogging was a source of income or as wildly popular as it is today. It really was just a small group of people because you had to actually know what you were doing and code your own sites.

4: When did you become serious about blogging?
I’m not sure I’ve ever really taken it “seriously”. I think that when people start to do that is when their writing starts to suffer.

5: What was your first post?
This is my first official real post: http://www.aflux.net/introduction/

6: What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
Probably staying motivated to get it done. At some point I started writing more for the audience than for myself and, like I stated above, my writing started to suffer.

7: Where do you see your blog in one year?
Hopefully just like it is now only more active!

8: What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
Finding and keeping in touch with some extraordinarily awesome girls. Also, being able to look back 10 years and see where I was and what was going on in my life.

9: What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
I haven’t really had much. Some hate mail here and there. Some mean comments. I really don’t let that stuff get to me though. I can’t make everybody happy all the time and sometimes they’ve even caused me to take a better look at the person I am verse the person that I want to be.

10: What is your lasting motivation?
I don’t really have one as you can tell by my once a month posting! I’m really trying to change that though!

Found at the website of one of those extraordinarily awesome girls I mentioned: Dez @ She’s Slothy

Friday Five: Superiffic!

1) Which super power would you have, if you could only have one: flight or invisibility?
Invisibility! FOR SURE! You can fly places. Buy a ticket! Hop on a plane! But, and I think this is probably more true for women, the ability to spy on conversations? ALL THE GOSSIPS! Where do I sign up!?

2) Who is your favorite, fictional super-being?
Thor. Because abs.

3) If you could have any, one super-power, would you use it to change the world?
I would change the world by secretly possessing all the awesome things. Like cash and purses and wedding rings and possibly fancy cars depending on how mush I could make invisible with me.

4) Can you see yourself becomming(SIC) either a “hero” or a “villain”?
See above answer. I think I’d do cool things like become a real life Robin Hood/Santa. Steal from the stupid wealthy, leave said goodies for the poor and good people that need those things. But also, fancy cars for me. So I guess a little of both!

5) For your secret identity, what would be your occupation of choice and why?
I don’t think I’d have one! Why have a “normal” life? I’d just tell people that I come from “new money” like that feisty redheaded lady on The Titanic. I liked her.

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