Every man has a right to be wrong in his opinions. But no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.

I get pretty annoyed when a blogger presents completely skewed and misrepresented facts then closes comments because OMG somebody might not agree with them. If your opinion was solid and you honestly believed in it, then it wouldn’t be necessary to hide behind censorship and moderation.

Okay so lets start with this:

Now, if it were Obama’s daughter, we all know based on his voting record and the statements he’s made (don’t take my word for it, go look it up) that he wouldn’t want one of his daughters to be “punished with a baby” so I’m sure she would be skipping off to the abortion clinic by now. Wouldn’t want to ruin Daddy’s image. Since when did babies go from blessings to punishments?

That block of text included a video of a speech that Obama gave. If you watch the entire video it’s pretty clear that he NEVER mentions abortion. Not even ONCE. Doesn’t even IMPLY it. He states that if his daughter “makes a mistake” (SEE: has sex before marriage) that he doesn’t want her to be “punished with a baby” (SEE: if she knows about hormonal birth control, condoms, etc, her chances of getting pregnant are nil).

Lets move on to this:

Oh wait, I forgot. Babies are only blessings if you want them. Otherwise, just partially birth them, stick a knife in their neck, and rip their spinal cord out. Problem solved, right? Well if that fails, just leave them in a dumpster or something to die.

Ummm, I’m not even sure where to start with this one. Maybe go read the wikipedia article about Intact dilation and extraction because your idea of partial birth abortion is clearly WAY off base. Knife to skull: Yes. Ripped out spinal cords: No.


BUT! At least when I speak about it I do so FACTUALLY. I also make sure to track down the opposing candidates rebuttal which explains his ACTUAL stance instead of just relying on what the right swinging media had to say about it.

I’m not about to sit here and say that Obama is the PERFECT candidate. He’s not. So far, none of them are. But you can’t just verbally regurgitate what the media has told you, or pick and choose the clips you want to use to prove your point, then expect that because you closed your comments down, that the truth won’t find it’s way to you. Or that there won’t be somebody from the “opposite side” that points out how wrong you are, even though you were unwilling to allow it to be addressed directly TO you. And saying that Obama would ENCOURAGE his daughter to get an abortion when your own clip to prove it NEVER even HINTS at the use of abortion, you make it pretty easy.

Just to be clear, normally I LOVE reading your blog. I know that when you get to the end of this and read that you aren’t going to believe me or won’t care but I think you have a beautiful family, two adorable little girls, an awesome little shop full of equally adorable accessories… but I don’t agree with you here and the complete misrepresentation of fact you presented drew me to respond.

And with that, I promise that’s the end of the political talk for awhile. Stay tuned tomorrow when we return to our normally scheduled vapid talk of nothing important at all.


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Wow. I think this topic is on everyone’s minds since I wrote about it yesterday as well. Well, actually, on the legislation not the families. But still.

I agree with you in her use of overkill. Ripping out of the spine? Holy cats. Not likely, especially when they have access to such excellent health care.

LOL. Okay, well obviously we have different opinions. Just because I don’t want to hear people bitch and complain about how abortion is okay and I’m so incredibly wrong doesn’t mean my opinion isn’t solid or that I don’t believe in it. Saying that doesn’t even make sense.

I didn’t say that in that video he mentioned abortion. I said that based on his belief that an unplanned baby would be punishment, and his votin record, it’s safe to assume that would be a very likely option. Again, I never said he was even talking about abortion in that video.

I in no way misrepresented any facts, Obama’s record speaks for its self. No one has to take my word for it. I just think it’s really funny how flaming liberals like you act when someone posts something you can’t handle.

I know you say that you are against late term abortion but the fact of the matter is that abortion is abortion. Period the end. It’s the ending of another life. You either agree or you don’t.

I close comments on MY blog because it’s MY blog and I have that choice to do so. Just like you have the choice to do whatever you want on your blog. I don’t have to listen to people tell me that Obama is amazing and that killing babies is okay, on my blog, if I don’t want to. I’m sorry that upsets you so much.

But, it’s good to know you actually “love” reading my blog. If you “love” it than please make an attempt to respect my choice to not listen to nonsense replies like this one from you.

Anna, you’re completely right in having YOUR opinion regarding Sarah’s blog. It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree. BTW.. I do agree with you =P

I didn’t say that in that video he mentioned abortion. I said that based on his belief that an unplanned baby would be punishment, and his votin record, it’s safe to assume that would be a very likely option. Again, I never said he was even talking about abortion in that video.

You used that video to “prove” that he would have opted to have his daughter abort a baby. My daughter was a “mistake” and I’m a “flaming liberal” so I guess that means in your flawed radical right wing theory, that I should have automatically chosen to have an abortion.

Guess what? I didn’t. Your opinion about what I would have done would have been wrong and you can’t tell me that, based on that video you posted, that Obama would have either.

I just think it’s really funny how flaming liberals like you act when someone posts something you can’t handle.

Pot, meet Kettle. She’s black too.

Every right winger I’ve seen in the last few days has proclaimed OVER AND OVER that her “personal family life” is not our business. Funny, given the massive finger ya’ll have been pointing at the Clinton’s for YEARS. From the Lewinsky drama, to Clinton’s brother, to Obama’s minister. All of you saying that all of those things were a refection of decisions made by them… but this, PalinBabygate, is completely off limits because it’s a family issue. I just think it’s really funny how flaming liberals radical right wingers like you act when someone posts something you can’t handle.

Beleive me, that entire statement is a vicious circle I’m not going to get sucked into.

I close comments on MY blog because it’s MY blog and I have that choice to do so. Just like you have the choice to do whatever you want on your blog. I don’t have to listen to people tell me that Obama is amazing and that killing babies is okay, on my blog, if I don’t want to.

You are correct, I can do as I choose on my blog. Like, I can post about how factually incorrect your post was. However, I’m not so scared of hearing that I’m wrong, I’ll cut anybody off from responding to it. I LEARN by hearing and reading the opinions of those who don’t necessarily agree with what I’m saying. I certainly don’t expect anybody to share every opinion I have and, as a matter of fact, I VALUE an opposing view because without it, I might never learn that a perception or opinion I have about something could be incorrect.

And like I can choose what I want to do, you can choose to comment or not because I won’t hide my fear of being proven “wrong” behind comment moderation. One of my best friend’s is a firm Republican, we completely disagree on most policital views, but I love her and value her opinion just the same. As a matter of fact, she’s taught me a lot throughout the years just by discussing with me her opinion that doens’t match mine at all.

But, it’s good to know you actually “love” reading my blog. If you “love” it than please make an attempt to respect my choice to not listen to nonsense replies like this one from you.

I respect educated opinions backed up with proof that actually pertains to the subject at hand. That was absolutely NOT the case in your post. Again, you can’t use a video that has NOTHING to do with abortion to back up your point that Obama would choose to abort a potential grandchild.

Notice that nowhere in there did I voice an opinion on abortion. That wasn’t even the point of my original post. It was not a pro-life/choice point I was trying to make. It was that you can’t just ASSUME that in any situation abortion would be the answer because you read it on a blog somewhere. I’ve seen that video used on SO MANY BLOGS in the last week to “prove” that Obama is some baby killing FREAK and the video has NOTHING TO DO WITH ABORTION. The man supports a woman’s right to CHOOSE, he’s not running around with a coat hanger hunting down pregnant women.

My main point is this: if you expect other people to research for themselves a candidate’s view or opinion YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME THING before posting what you think their opinion is.

PS – I’m not sure why on your blog (in the one you edited and then opened comments on, then on the one you posted AFTER that) you are making this an abortion debate. Like I said in my last comment, this is NOT about abortion to me, it’s about posting half truths to try and make a point about a presidential candidate.

See you have this narrow view of LIBERAL = ABORTION LOVER and you could not be more wrong. You might actually LEARN that if you allow yourself to be open to listening to somebody that doesn’t share the same opinion as you.

I guess that’s just the ultra conservative way… *rolls eyes*

By the way, you don’t know anything about my opinion on abortion OTHER THAN the ONE point I made in this post (that I am strongly against late term abortion) yet apparently, you think that because I’m a liberal I must SUPPORT abortion. Well let me clear this up for you, I am very against abortion as a PERSONAL choice FOR ME. I’d never do it. Ever.

However, I believe that EVERY woman has the ability and the right to make that decision for THEMSELVES. So there, you can stop making this all about how I’m so pro abortion and start focusing on the ACTUAL POINT of my post.

AND LASTLY, I never made a personal attack against you, I simply stated that your facts were wrong. A personal attack would be calling somebody stupid for choosing a particular candidate (SEE: What you did). Generally when trying to make a point about how somebody shouldn’t personally attack you, you shuoldn’t follow it up with a personal attack about that person.


Yes, that’s also how people respond when they realize they have no legs left to stand on.

Glad my point got across… :mrgreen:

It’s come to my attention that you might think I wrote my post on my blog in response to your post about Sarah Palin’s daughter…..

That is NOT why I wrote that post. I don’t even come to your blog EVER, and you can verify that in your stats using my IP address. I didn’t even actually know you posted that until I saw that someone else accused me of reacting to you, which I did not.

It was in reaction to main stream liberal news websites, not you.

Also, yes, I knew you would say that in regards to my previous comment. 🙂 Trying to say anything else to you is pointless. My post on my website WAS about abortion. That is why I made it that way. I don’t care what your post was about. 🙂

I never said, nor even implied, that your post was in response to mine. I read your blog in my feed reader and responded where I had a place to do it, which wasn’t at your site.

Well I’m sorry, I read on ANOTHER blog that I wrote my blog post in reaction to your blog post, so incase you thought that I was just clearing it up. lol

Isn’t this awesome, how everyone is all hatin’ now? 🙂 So funny to me.

I am going to have to agree with Anna on this.

Not to continue the liberal vs. conservative argument, but I think part of the reason people are making such a big deal about Bristol being pregnant is because she is living proof that her mother’s idealist views about sex education and contraception do not work.

Well I’m sorry, I read on ANOTHER blog that I wrote my blog post in reaction to your blog post, so incase you thought that I was just clearing it up. lol

I can see how it might have been mistaken for that since this was posted soon after my other blog about it. I should have been more clear in my post.

Isn’t this awesome, how everyone is all hatin’ now? 🙂 So funny to me

I don’t think people are “hating” per se. Politics is a very explosive topic. At the end of the day we’ll just have to agree to disagree (strongly) and let the votes determine the rest.

For the record, I still like you, will still read your blog and about your family and life. I don’t let stuff like this determine the type of person somebody is. Like I said, one of my best friends is very Republican and I love her to death even if she supports the wrong side. 😉

If I offended you personally, I apologize.

Oy. Ok. I almost hate to jump in, but seriously. It seems to me that this post was an educated response to someone who was speaking more out of passion than from an educated point of view. This isn’t to say that Sarah isn’t educated in her political beliefs, but rather that she is getting so caught up in the fervor of her religious beliefs that she is resorting to broad generalizations and finger pointing accusations to prove her point.

You don’t have to use generalizations to prove your point. And just because you are a liberal/conservative/insertappropriatelabelhere does not mean that you are a generalization, or that everybody with an opposing label is equally as simple. If you want to be a political stereotype that’s fine, but I think you’ll find as you grow up and older that there are more shades of gray than you realize.

For example. I am a liberal. And there are members of my party who have had moments of bad judgement. And of course, Republicans are going to use those moments of bad judgement to prove why liberals are going to hell in a handbasket. The obvious move on my part would be to use this example as a reason why Sarah Palin is a terrible person and awful choice for vice president. Except I’m not going to because I don’t believe that. At 17 years old children are not always direct representations of their parents. People make mistakes, and the way of life in Alaska is very different than it is down here. I am in no position to judge. So why is it you feel you need to?

I’m not judging the 17 year old. I’m judging the ability of a potential vice president to make decisions that will better America as a whole. If she can’t see how abstinence only education is not going to work, with it living right there under her own roof, then she has no business in the policy making decisions of the NATION. Get your household in order before you try and tell me how to run mine, please.

Also, I think that any parent that encourages a 17 to choose a partner for life at such a young age, especially an already hormonal girl who is now PREGNANT to boot, is just… completely unfit to be making decisions that really matter.

I have never been so riled about politics as I am this year. I applaud this post for the facts you made available through separate links.
The title of your post sums it all up. We need to be informed. Choosing the president is a HUGE responsibility. It it something that cannot be made simply out of passion. Voters MUST be informed. They MUST know the facts, and you cannot find the facts through the other party. You have to do your research and compare the candidates and their policies and plans and find who works for you.
Unfortunately, with all this mud slinging, it makes it difficult. And that scares the hell out of me.

Anna, just to be clear. I’m not sure if I wasn’t. I feel that your post was incredibly articulated. I felt very similarly to what you describe when I read the other post yesterday.

Oh! My bad! 😳

I was responding to your last question and am living on too little sleep.

I couldn’t be more proud of my wife. Honey, the clarity with which you have articulated the most important points about why McCain’s running-mate may not be fit to be the next Vice President is, in a word, perfect.

She chooses to back ideas that, even in her own house, don’t work. How will those ideas work for for our entire country, if they don’t even work for her family / home? ? (rhetoric)

Answer: They will NOT work (yet, she still backs those ideas)

“To the man (or woman) who only has a hammer in the toolkit, every problem looks like a nail.”
-Abraham Maslow


It irritates me when people close the comments. Although thats their choice, it drives me insane! lol.

not to offend you, but what makes you think you’re right and she is wrong? that’s a pretty arrogant statement laced within your disagreement. unfortunately for you, sarah being against abortion & using her own version of “evidence” to argue a point does not make her *wrong* and it does not make you wrong, either. i hate when people think it’s all about being right or wrong… that is true ignorance to me. i’m constantly criticized for my opinions & i take it into consideration & sometimes even change my mind, but when people tell me i’m flat out WRONG – that’s just ridiculous in the world of politics.

also – quoting a wikipedia article in any post where you’re trying to make a legitimate argument is pretty hilarious. even if it does cite “sources” – anyone who gives credit to wikipedia has no significant background in research.

that being said, i agree that sarah dramatized partial birth abortion.

in closing – i’m defending sarah because she pissed you off because she completely disagrees with you & so then you had to carry it over and make it a black & white issue where she’s the loser & you’re the winner. unfortunately, that’s why we have so many struggles in politics today.

it’s all gray area & compromise… & i hope sarah realizes that, too… she’ll reach much more people if she presents her opinions slightly differently. i think she knows that, though.

It wasn’t about right or wrong. Her “proof” was invalid. It had absolutely nothing to do with Obama’s view on abortion but she was using it as “proof” to say that Obama would force his daughter to abort an unplanned pregnancy. Like I’ve said before, this isn’t an abortion debate to me. It’s about using valid and REAL proof to prove an opinion MIGHT be true.

And no, Wikipedia is not the end all be all in references which is why I said to “start” there. Of course there should be more research done. I use the Wikipedia article because I’ve read a LOT about this topic and it seems to be right on par with most of the information I see coming from credible sources.

I think what seems to have frustrated people the most about Sarah’s initial post is not that she is pro life vs. pro choice. I think what liberals like myself found offensive is that she’s presenting her opinion as the absolute truth with no room for wiggle, but then uses “proof” that has absolutely no bearing on the argument she’s making. I don’t think she’s wrong for being pro life, although my political leanings differ. I think that a: she’s disrespectful at times in the way she presents her opinions, and b: she jumps to conclusions and makes judgements based on statements and “proof” that have little relevancy to her initial claim.

I know about her pay site. Anybody that’s been in “the scene” for more than a few years knows about it.

I’m not going to judge her on what she did in the past. I’m not perfect so who am I to say anything? I don’t know for sure because I’ve been out of the “clique” for awhile but I think when she got pregnant she stopped and hasn’t done anything with the site since then.

Is it kind of ironic for such a conservative? Sure, I think so. But I can’t say anything to her about it she hasn’t already heard, trust me.

Anna, I understand what you’re saying about her being “wrong” with her facts, but I think she merely used supporting evidence – which we can all be guilty of when we want support our point, right? We rarely present the other side’s case… that would dissolve our own efforts.

Whoever posted Sarah’s pay site… what do you think you’re doing, seriously? You don’t know anything about Sarah, when she started that site, how it’s updated – nothing. Do you even know what Sarah thinks about it herself? You just went and made Anna’s argument & constructive comments completely childish and took it to a battlefield it should have stayed away from. And she doesn’t update it any more. She hasn’t for a very long time.

I admit as well it is very ironic for a Conservative to have a pay site like that – but that goes back to my original point – everything isn’t black & white, some things are gray… you know?

I just feel an inherent need to defend Sarah because I talk to her more, I guess… *shrugs* She’s like me – we both screw up when we present our views sometimes… we’re slightly too passionate, I think…

I will run off though – this isn’t my place of course 🙂

uhhh, i dont talk politics with my friends im just not good at talking politics. but i did want to say, YAH seriously why post that site? i looked at it too. dunno what to think about it. and it has been updated recently. scroll all the way down to the bottom, she added new content on 8-18-08.

Based on the objectivity I’m seeing from you here Sarah , I can assuredly say that just like you believe that Obama’s voting record ‘speaks for itself’, that your ‘selling your body on the internet’ while living as a Christian, and a conservative also speaks for itself?

Please, please, please… things are never as black and white, never as simple as you make them out to be…. Never. It’s almost never just a 1 or a zero (yes or a no). If that’s the case, then Palin is to blame for her daughter’s pregnancy, and there is not further story (end of story). But, being an analytical thinker type of guy (I’m in technical marketing, it’s my job), I know that as much as I’d love to make a villain out of Palin, there’s likely more to the story that anyone will ever know, and that when the press speaks, especially during an election year, you can bet that 95% of the time, it’s twisted and evil (Darth Vader style).

So please, … please, don’t oversimplify the case to help prove your point, ..this is the one thing I’m faulting you for (objectively).

It’s hard to take Sarah seriously as an expert on anything considering her naked pictures are slapped all over the Internet.

Opinion isn’t a fact, it isn’t right or wrong. Opinion is a belief or feeling that people can’t defend.

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