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I went sticker crazy with my ECLP last year. I actually have a Silhouette Cameo and a good amount of matte and glossy sticker paper. I made seasonal sets, fun little decorative ones, functional stickers, sidebar checklists… it was a whole Thing. (If you want any stickers made, just let me know! I have the software to design them and can print/ship for cheap.)

This year, I’m using a personal-sized FIlofax with some inserts I got from Etsy. My life isn’t busy enough to fill an ECLP, so I found myself trying too hard to decorate. It’s been fun so far and it’s much more manageable as far as size.

I’m so excited you got into planning! It’s lots of fun and an absolutely great way to organize your life and your thoughts.

I’ll also be interested to hear more about the budgeting thing. We actually joined our budgets about a year and a half ago with the intent to make more headway on debts. I have thoughts and feelings on it but I won’t get into it here. It’s always interesting to me to hear how others are doing it and how/why it works for them! You never know, you might learn something! 😀

I admire your passion. I just use my google calendar and stuck a widget on my android screen. I envy your creativity ?

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